Top 12 Small Cities In Arizona

Photo credit: Ken Lund / Flickr

11. Prescott

The quirky central Arizona town of Prescott sits above a mile in elevation at 5,347 feet, according to the city’s website, and is an interesting mix of Old West architecture and Victorian-era homes. There is an immense number of buildings in Prescott that are mentioned on the National Register of Historic Places, and new residents have come into town to appreciate the beautiful forests, interesting homes, and small-town feel the small city offers.

According to USA website, the population of Prescott at the time of the 2010 census was 39,843. During the decade prior to the census, the town saw a nice boost in population of around 17.4%.

One of the nicest features of Prescott is its weather since it never gets incredibly hot and the temperatures don’t dip too much in the winter, either. In the summer temperatures rarely hit 90 degrees and in the winter temperatures during the day sit around a comfortable 52.

It does get mildly chilly at night during the winter, but it’s nothing a nice coat can’t handle. It’s not uncommon for people who aren’t from Arizona to confuse Prescott with Prescott Valley. Prescott is at a high elevation and Prescott Valley, as the name would suggest, sits at a lower spot to the east.

The city recently publicized its intention to improve and retain the historic character of the town and a local historic preservation office sits on Cortez Street. On the city’s official website, the town says that they wish to increase public awareness of Prescott’s unique charm and restore or rehabilitate it for future generations.

Prescott even has some districts already named as historic, and refurbishing properties requires special permission and permits. However, this isn’t surprising for a town with Prescott’s old, beautiful Victorians and its array of classic, Old West style buildings. Some of the historic homes in Prescott reach above $400,000, according to website Trulia, but a majority of homes sell at the median price of $245,500.

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