13 Best U.S. Cities for Conservatives to Live

13 Best U.S. Cities for Conservatives to Live
Photo credit: mkaz* / Flickr

Electoral trends show America’s large cities growing more and more liberal, meaning urban conservatives are becoming more and more isolated. However, there are a handful of cities out there that buck the trend and still provide friendly habitat for city-dwelling conservatives. We scoured the country for large cities with populations over 200,000 that offer a combination of conservative values, a high quality of life, and plenty of big city activities to enjoy.

We looked into recent voting trends, tax rates, business-friendly grades, locals who identify as “highly religious,” gun-friendly laws, conservative local politicians, and more. Then we combined them with quality of life indicators like crime rate, commute times, housing prices, unemployment rate, and more. In the end we concluded these are the 13 Best U.S. Cities for Conservatives to Live:

13. Silicon Valley, CA

Sure, the cities that make up Silicon Valley are socially liberal and donate heavily to Democrats, but the southern part of San Francisco Bay is filled with Libertarian wealth creators and techno-utopians that the Republican Party’s actively trying to court.

Social conservatism is not en vogue, but the area is filled with Ayn Rand-inspired objectivists committed to the cause of individualism. Is it a sign of change to come that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently hosted a fundraiser for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, or that Sen.

Rand Paul is rubbing elbows with Silicon Valley’s libertarian-leaning entrepreneurs? Perhaps, but a few local billionaires are even dreaming up a libertarian floating city inhabited by tech nerds.

Population: 3.5-4 million

Median Household Income: $89,064

Median List Price For A Home: $743,000 (View homes for sale in Santa Clara County HERE)

Unemployment Rate: 5.9%

Home Ownership: 58.7%

Commute Time: 24.3 minutes

Things To Do: Make money hand-over-fist

Reason Liberals Avoid It: They don’t, but the high cost of living is a challenge for lots of people.

Local Conservatives: Some of the GOP’s largest Silicon Valley donors include HP CEO Meg Whitman (ran for governor), Facebook investor Peter Thiel, Intel Chairman Craig Barrett, and AOL CEO Tim Armstrong.

Percent Who Voted For Obama (2012): 69.8% (Santa Clara County)