13 Best U.S. Cities for Conservatives to Live

13 Best U.S. Cities for Conservatives to Live
Photo credit: Adam Jones, Ph.D. – Global Photo A / Flickr

12. Spokane, WA

Washington State is divided in half like a McDonald’s McDLT. The west side is the left side, the rainy and wet side, the urban side filled with Seattle liberals. On the east side of the Cascade Mountains is the state’s Republican stronghold, a population of ranchers, farmers, and others actively trying to create a separate state independent from Western Washington.

Spokane is the metropolitan center for Eastern Washington, as well as the Inland Northwest. It’s the largest city between Seattle and Minneapolis and the most conservative large city in the Pacific Northwest.

Population: 209,525

Median Household Income: $41,466

Median List Price For A Home: $165,000

Unemployment Rate: 7.2%

Home Ownership: 57.1%

Commute Time: 19.9 minutes

Taxes: NO income tax, 8.7% sales tax

Reason Liberals Avoid It: It’s really close to Idaho

Things To Do: Outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, and boating, as well as museums, semi-pro sports teams, wineries and breweries, and a strong performing arts and music scene.

Famous Locals: Singer Bing Crosby, actor Craig T. Nelson, NBA star John Stockton, and MLB player Ryne Sandberg.

Percent Who Voted For Obama (2012): 45.6% (Spokane County)

Mayor: David Condon — Republican

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