14 Best High Schools In Texas

YES Prep, Southwest Campus in Houston, Texas
Photo credit: Gerry Dincher / Flickr

There are 3,709 high schools in Texas, made up of 3,263 public schools and 446 private schools. Texas ranks as the 2nd state in terms of student enrollment and 2nd in terms of total number of schools. It ranks 36th for the student/teacher ratio and sits 46th for the percentage of students on free or reduced lunches. Remember, if you’re struggling in high school, you can look online for people to help me write an essay. From advice, to corrections, there are support networks out there.

Check out our list of top 14 high schools inTexas:

14. YES Prep, Southwest Campus in Houston, Texas

YES stands for “Youth Engaged in Service,” and students at the Southwest Campus in Houston are part of a citywide system of open-enrollment high schools. The school system was placed at the top of a list of Houston schools by the “Houston Chronicle” and was even the recipient of million-dollar grants from celebrity Oprah Winfrey. The school is doing wonderful work, so it is no surprise to see admittance to the school being highly sought after by parents. There is Houston Realty available if people are looking to find a home in the area.

With nearly 700 students in attendance, the school caters to minority students and helps disadvantaged youth gain a strong foothold in high school so as to ensure future success in work, higher education, and life. The school provides a variety of activities for students that build character such as a Senior Scholarship FUNdraiser and an annual Spring Trip.

The school also offers a number of ways for parents to get involved with their child’s education. For example, the school offers a computer class for parents so that it’s easier to stay in touch with YES Prep teachers and the school about a child’s education.

With a significant Hispanic population, the school ensures that families who come from a Spanish-speaking household have the opportunity to fully engage with the school through Family Notes written in Spanish and English.

In addition, students with an athletic focus may find success at YES Prep as the boy’s basketball program achieved status as 25-AA Co-Champions in a tie with fellow school, Hitchcock High School. A few years later, the middle school team placed second overall during the championship phase.

Serving students from grades 6 through 12, the school sits in a large suburban area where students may access local parks and open areas for relaxing their minds between their demanding classroom work. Houston is a sprawling city with several suburbs and outlying communities. The Southwest Campus of YES Prep sits just north of Beltway 8 on the south side of the Greater Houston Area.