15 Best Colleges in Pennsylvania

Top 20 Universities in Pennsylvania
Photo credit: commons.wikimedia.org

Pennsylvania has some of the best colleges in the country. Students will find top-ranked liberal arts colleges, public colleges, and private. Read on to find out about top 15 colleges in Pennsylvania and what the state has to offer for students.

15. Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

Founded: 1888
Undergrads: 24,382
Tuition(in-state): $24,122 ($14,096)
Acceptance Rate: 64 %

The foundation of education at Temple is based on core classes along with core requirements for majors. Temple has a goal for each student to be well rounded. Temple has some leniency toward academic criteria, offering fun classes in topics such as event planning, golf, SCUBA diving, gymnastics, and Shakespeare.

There are mixed feelings about the teachers. Many feel the staff is not enthused about the topics they are teaching, but overall, students feel that the teachers aren’t that bad. Students seem to focus more on the quality of the professors than class material. The Temple name carries weight in the realm of business, communications, and sciences.

It’s a big problem that not all students receive housing. However, Temple is trying to build more dorms. Make sure your housing is in order—especially any financial aid—before you leave for the semester. Follow the letters Temple sends out, so you won’t be one of those people sleeping on your friend’s sofa.

There is a large amount of Greek associations on campus. They vary from cultural to professional to academic fraternities and sororities. You can see the Greeks shine during annual events such as Homecoming and Spring Fling, where these clubs show off their colors and letters.

This is a great time to come to Temple, especially if you are involved in athletics. The football team has finally been revitalized and could possibly crack the “top 25” over the next few years. The basketball team has made it to the NCAA tournament more than 25 times and is usually guaranteed one huge home upset a season, which makes for an exciting time.