18 Best Colleges in Maryland

18 Best Colleges in Maryland
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Over 100 colleges and universities are found in the state of Maryland. The majority of the schools are located in and around the Baltimore-Washington area.

Maryland has excellent higher education options for both public and private institutions. From a large public university like the University of Maryland to tiny St. John’s College, Maryland has colleges to match a wide range of student personalities and interests. If you’re a sports fan, for instance, you won’t be disappointed. There will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy sport regardless of which college or university you choose. You could even look into getting Memory Stitch tshirt quilts to show college spirit!

Here are the top 18 colleges in Maryland that provide excellent education and quality of living.

18. Bowie State University, Bowie, MD

Founded: 1865
Undergrads: 3,493
Tuition: $17,538
Acceptance Rate: 52 %

Bowie State University offers a variety of educational opportunities that may interest students. The academics are geared toward grooming tomorrow’s leaders. Through vigorous in-class and outside-of-class assignments, students are challenged to utilize their resources and meet the goals set forth by their professors.

No matter what field student is studying, there are tutoring sessions available by major, class, or subject. Students are tutors and make it comfortable for those with difficulty comprehending and mastering the subject at hand.

On campus, administration is very strict, especially when it comes to attendance. If a student is late for class, teachers either take points from them or they lock the door so they cannot enter the room. Locking the door motivates students to come to class on time.

Administration is also strict about parking. Whenever a student parks on campus without a parking permit, they are issued a ticket with a very expensive fee. The parking tickets and fees motivate students to park in designated areas with the correct permit.

The campus is very diverse and students meet people from a lot of different places. The people at the school are very sociable. When living on campus the best dorm to stay in freshman year is Tubman Hall , it’s an all girls the holds freshman- upperclassmen.

There are several labs including Math and English labs that assist students tremendously. The housing process isn’t hard but it is set up like a lottery.

The Greeks at school make student want to become part of the Greek system because they are so humble towards each other and the students. They get involved by having programs not only for fun but educational as well.

Athletics at Bowie State University often go unnoticed. From other HBCU’s they look at this school as not being up to par. The school has numerous sports and events that should be acknowledged around the world.