20 Best Colleges in California

20 Best Colleges in California
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If you’re wanting to go to a Californian college then you better get your application in quick! California has some of the most prestigious colleges in the US. There are so many reasons to study in California: world-class universities with a welcoming attitude towards international students, a sun-kissed climate, world-famous beaches, exciting cities, a high standard of living, an assortment of cultural riches and an undisputed position at the cutting edge of modern technology. So it comes as no surprise when people start looking into long distance moving companies website if they are looking at relocating for college. At least when you do make a decision as to where they want to study, at least you know how to make the moving process a lot less stressful. Not to mention an abundance of Best California Personal Injury Lawyers, so you know if anything happens, you will receive top class legal representation.

Below is a ranking of the top 20 colleges In California.

20. California State University – Long Beach, Long Beach, CA

Founded: 1949
Undergrads: 25,932
Tuition (in-state): $17,400 ($6,240)
Acceptance Rate: 31 %

CSULB is a liberal arts college. There are general education requirements, and the courses are very broad in range, but they can be completed either in your sophomore year or early in your junior year. The teachers in general education courses can either be simply amazing, or they can be rough around the edges. Sometimes, students get lucky, and, other times, they don’t.

However, teachers are approachable during office hours. Once students begin to take core major courses, the professors are extremely passionate, helpful, and want to see students succeed. The workload depends on the major, as engineering majors may have a more rigorous courseload than journalism majors. But they both are extensive in their own right.

The dorm life provides activities for students that are absolutely fun and inexpensive. Living on campus is convenient because students don’t have to find parking and class is just right there for them. The food in the dining hall is really good. They have different options for students to choose from. They also have vegetarian meals for people who do not eat meat.

They are very considerate of the students that live on campus. The social atmosphere for living in the dorms is great. Everyone is very welcoming and excepts everyone.

Greek Life and campus involvement is what makes the college experience at CSULB. Plain and simple. Greeks are constantly organizing events to contribute to their philanthropies such as Arthritis, St. Jude’s hospital and more. Greeks definitely enhance the school spirit especially at home games when spirit competitions are going on.

Greeks are involved in many different clubs, sports, and student government because Greeks are just as motivated and involved as the next student on campus. They focus on bringing the community together as a whole especially during Greek Week, when their letters are set up at tables and invite anyone to come and ask questions. Greeks work hard, and play harder.

At Cal State Long Beach, California State University has recently made Student Wellness Recreation Center that contains top notch equipment for many activities. There are high quality equipment for many different sports, and school also has a swimming pool and Jacuzzi.