20 Best Colleges in Florida

20 Best Colleges in Florida
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19. University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL

Founded: 1969
Undergrads: 10,308
Tuition(in-state): $20,756 ($6,353)
Acceptance Rate: 53 %

First and foremost, UNF professors are here to teach dedicated students, not to do research and ignore students. Nearly all of the teachers have their PhD’s, even lab instructors.

Curriculum is challenging but not overwhelming. Registration process is easy enough and all online. There are a plethora of study abroad opportunities no matter students major/field. The library stays open 24/7 on exam weeks.

Living on campus is great and is highly recommended for anyone wishing to have a memorable college experience. Univerisity of North Florida is very nature-oriented and made for any student who loves the outdoors. The gym is one its best qualities, and is a great place to meet students while exercising.

There are plenty of events and luxuries that people can participate in to make their academic experience memorable and worthwhile, including concerts and a remarkable Greek life. The dorms are rather cheap compared to other Florida universities and is setup to assure the students a sustainable social life.

The Athletics at UNF are getting better with each passing year. Varsity sports are definitely well liked at UNF, but lots of students participate in intramurals and club sports too, because the varsity sports programs at UNF are limiting.

Baseball, basketball, softball, volleyball, and track are pretty much it. Plenty of people love plenty of other sports, and they’re not about to let the fact that they participate in “non-varsity” sports stop them.

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