20 Best Colleges in Illinois

20 Best Colleges in Illinois
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Illinois has some excellent options for higher education. From giant research universities to small liberal arts colleges, from rural schools to Chicago campuses, Illinois offers something for everyone.

The following are the 20 best colleges in Illinois that offer the best opportunities for students:

20. Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL

Founded: 1899
Undergrads: 9,161
Tuition (in-state): $15,969 ($11,767)
Acceptance Rate: 59 %

In 2011, U.S. News and World Reporst ranked Western Illinois University 49th among public schools in the Midwest. It is still very realistic for students to earn a perfect grade point average, due to small class sizes and tutoring centers. In general, the curriculum at Western is not very challenging, and the work load is not too heavy.

While Western is recognized for select majors, especially law enforcement, the others are average. The size of classes is definitely Western’s best asset academically. Although there are some large lecture halls, the majority of classes are small. All teachers have office hours, and most teachers will also set up other times if needed.

Thompson Hall and Tanner Hall are both primarily freshmen dorms, and almost all students agree that Thompson is better. It’s closer to the academic buildings, and it has its own dining hall. Also, Thompson’s computer lab is open 24 hours a day, while Tanner’s lab closes at 11 p.m. on weeknights and is only open a few hours each day on the weekends.

The majority of students at Western are indifferent towards Greek life. In general, Greeks are not viewed as snobby or overly cliquey. Likewise, they are not recognized for doing prodigious things for the community. Greek organizations tend to become more visible during rush times, and then dwindle soon afterward.

Some varsity sports are fairly popular, but they are not essential to campus life. Football is the most popular varsity sport, but game attendance is average at best. Other sports, like volleyball and soccer, are not advertised nearly as much, and therefore aren’t very popular. Intramural sports are also relatively popular; not many students go to watch intramural sports, but plenty of students participate in them.