20 Best Colleges in Illinois

20 Best Colleges in Illinois
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19. Lake Forest College, Forest Lake, IL

Founded: 1857
Undergrads: 1,534
Tuition: $39,842
Acceptance Rate: 57 %

Lake Forest College is a small, liberal-arts college that is close to a big city (Chicago) with lots of opportunity for jobs, internships, networking, and social activities. The professors at Lake Forest College are the top of their areas and provide great personal guidance and connections. The workload is intense but really practical and applicable.

The academic curriculum and rigor depend on what major students choose. For example, science students need to take labs along with their science classes and they do not get credit for them. The professors in all the departments care deeply about their students. They hold office hours several times through out the week and even offer weekend review sessions before quizzes and exams.

Being on campus 24/7 allows students to get involved in numerous ways on campus without any hassle. The residential halls are very nice and livable (much bigger than what would be expected of a college dorm). Some do not have air conditioning, but buying a simple fan suffices.

All the residential halls are close to all parts of campus – from the dining hall to academic buildings, the student center, and the athletic facilities.

The Greek life on campus is pretty minimal. There is no housing for any of the sororities or fraternities. They each have a lounge in the basement of a dorm. They each host fun events throughout the year but students don’t think they have a huge effect on the social scene.

The school is very sports cultured, especially the body. Nearly everyone is an athlete in their little clique at their arbitrarily assigned cafeteria table. It’s like High School sometimes.

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