20 Best Colleges in the USA

20 Best Colleges in the USA
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A memorable college experience involves more than merely what you learn in the classroom; it’s also comprised of the people you meet, the places you hang out, and the memories you make in the city while seeking higher knowledge.

Here are the top 20 colleges in the USA that provide excellent education and quality of living.

20. University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Founded: 1890
Undergrads: 5,559
Tuition: $47,514
Acceptance Rate: 9 %

If you do not want an academic challenge, the University of Chicago is not the right fit for you. Classes are tough. Professors will push you every day and give you more work than you thought possible.

A lot of people come from the top of their high school class and find themselves struggling to maintain decent grades. However, if you’re willing to put the time in, you will be infinitely rewarded with irreplaceable knowledge and thinking skills.

Within the incredibly challenging curriculum is the Core. The Core is a certain amount of classes that you need to take in order to graduate. They cover a variety of topics, including science, foreign language, and art.

You’ll find severely different opinions on the Core. Some people hate it; some people love it. If you pick your classes right, it’s a great opportunity to get a well-rounded education. There are also a lot of fun classes to take where you can be more creative. Classes like “Horror Film” and “At the Piano” balance out tougher classes like “Organic Chemistry.”

The University understands that the academics are incredibly tough, so it provides a lot of resources to help you with your academic career. There are daily tutors in Harper Library that cover every subject.

The writing tutors are especially helpful, and professors are typically very good. Grad students are hit or miss-sometimes they grade students very hard. The real goldmine is in the teaching assistants or TAs. They are usually upperclassmen that know what you’re going through, so they’re incredibly helpful and receptive to questions.

The University describes its academic rigor as, “The Life of the Mind.” It truly lives up to that reputation.