20 Best Colleges in the USA

20 Best Colleges in the USA
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19. Williams College, Williamstown, MA

Founded: 1793
Undergrads: 2,031
Tuition: $46,600
Acceptance Rate: 17 %

True, you have to work hard at Williams, and As are hard to get, but the amount of personal attention and the quality of instruction make every bead of sweat worth it. Williams professors are accessible, articulate, and extremely erudite.

Whatever their specific field, they share a commitment to encourage students to explore and learn, both within and beyond the classroom. Williams professors are also willing to devote whatever time necessary to help a student learn.

While the workload does vary with separate departments, students are constantly challenged to improve their skills and obtain new ones, as well. They are also encouraged to share these achievements with others.

Professors allow for each student to have his or her own style of learning, and they are supportive of everyone’s individual learning process. Students have to work hard, but they enjoy help and inspiration from their professors every step of the way.

The overall comfort, hygiene, and accessibility of Williams dorms have always been excellent. There is a large variety of housing choices, and every building is different and unique.

The housing lottery may seem frustrating, but it’s fair with a guarantee of better housing as students get older. The rooms are generally good and always have beautiful views in the valley of mountains. The fact that most people graduate Williams without ever having a roommate speaks to how wonderful it is to live at Williams.

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