20 Best High Schools In Illinois

Riverside Brookfield High School (Riverside)Photo credit: David Wilson / Flickr

There are 1,519 high schools in Illinois, made up of 1,188 public schools and 331 private schools. Illinois ranks as the 5th state in terms of student enrollment and 5th in terms of total number of schools. It ranks 12th for the student/teacher ratio and sits 30th for the percentage of students on free or reduced lunches.

Check out our list of top 20 high schools in Illinois:

20. Riverside Brookfield High School (Riverside)

Ranked as the 15th high school within the State of Illinois, according to U.S. News and World Reports’ annual survey of top performing schools, Riverside Brookfield High School garnered high marks for their aptitude testing and the ready availability of Advanced Placement coursework.

According to the survey, as the only high school in a large suburban district, Riverside Brookfield has more than 1,400 students enrolled in their ninth through twelfth-grade curriculum with a faculty of 66 instructors to deliver the exceptional educational content that earned them their 15th placing on the list of top high school in the state.

Based on performance levels in state exit exams, U.S. News and World Reports found that Riverside Brookfield students displayed a 75% proficiency rating in reading and mathematics, which is higher than the state average in either category. Of those measured, 56% met the standards set in reading and 19% exceeded it, while two-thirds met the mathematics requirements with another 10% surpassing those academic milestones.

Breaking these test scores down further, Riverside Brookfield High School’s population of historically underperforming subgroups performed better on state proficiency exams as compared to comparable groups across Illinois as a whole. The twenty-percent gap in proficiency results between the school’s disadvantaged, and non-disadvantaged group is closer than the average of thirty-three percent.

As mentioned, Riverside Brookfield has an impressive Advanced Placement program of which 62% of the student body participates. These students prepare themselves for the rigors of college academics at the same time they practice for annual AP exams that garner them college level credits upon successful passing of the tests.

Indeed, of those who sat for the exam, they exhibited a passing rate of more than seventy percent. A host of advanced course offerings is available to Riverside Brookfield students with nearly two dozen class programs like history, biology, chemistry, and much, much, more.