20 Best Public High Schools in California 2017

Best Public High Schools in California 2017
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In the sea of high schools in every state, there are schools that are just better than others. Is that because of the academics in the schools, or because of the teachers, or simply because of the students that go there? The answer is never simple and usually, it is the combination of those things. The important thing is that your child settles in there. Of course, this is easier said than done. Nowadays, having a large following on Instagram matters just as much as sporting achievements. Who’d have thought it? Find a trusted Instagram manager if you want to tick one of the most important boxes for your child to obtain the social standing they deserve.

Find out if your school is one of the best high schools in the great state of California.

20. Burlingame High School, Burlingame, CA

Burlingame High School offers a safe and positive learning environment. The students, parents, and faculty create a wonderful atmosphere at this school. The most important part about BHS is that students always feel there is someone in the administration or staff that they could turn to if necessary.

BHS takes pride in its reputation and has a strong, positive image in its community all around the Bay. The campus is kept clean every day, the education is good and the technology is modern.

There are many engaging academic courses offered at Burlingame High and the list just keeps on growing. Requirements for advanced classes can be tough, but teachers are good. The curriculum is great because it is easy for students to manage and understand while learning.

The overall quality of teachers is high. Most teachers are well respected and do a good job at teaching the courses they have and are very knowledgeable on the subjects. Interest in students is usually high, and they are often approachable.

There are numerous extracurricular opportunities, tons to choose from and to participate in freely. Depending on the type of club, it can be casual or a quite high level of commitment. They are not always funded, but members can have fundraisers to get money. There tutoring programs after school usually every week for any subject. These programs are ran by companies similar to the HUNTINGTON LEARNING CENTER.

There are also many sports, which many students participate in.