20 Best Public High Schools in California 2017

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19. Orange County School of the Arts, Santa Ana, CA

Orange County School of the Arts is challenging, fun, engaging, accepting, loving, stressful and caring school. It has a true 24/7 atmosphere that gives its students everything they need to reach their creative and educational goals.

Most of the students are accepted to one of the top colleges they choose during the final year and, usually, 50% will arrive with full-ride scholarships. The remainder, usually, all get some financial help with grants or smaller scholarships. Students who graduate from OCSA are ready to meet the world.

Overall, the academics at Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA) are great. The mixture of arts and academics really pushes one to go above and beyond. The scheduling process is very simple and the workload can be pretty heavy.

The teachers are fantastic as they are very adaptable and they tend to try to tap into the student’s artistic sides. In addition, they always find a way to make the content of the class interesting.

There is a wide variety of opportunity regarding clubs and organizations on campus. There are many intense clubs such as National Honors Society, California Scholarship Federation, and Spanish Honor’s Society in which one must apply to be part of the club. The application process is very beneficial as it demands commitment from members.

In addition, there are many social clubs such as Anime Clubs, Outdoor Clubs, and Fan Clubs in which students attend to socialize and bond over interests. There are also many clubs such as Red Cross or Key Club that are volunteer-work based and many religious clubs such as Cookies and Christ and Muffins for Mormons.

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