20 Best Public High Schools in California 2017

Photo credit: America Redefined / Flickr

17. California Academy of Mathematics & Science, Carson, CA

California Academy of Mathematics and Science (CAMS) is a school that takes all dedication to get every student into college. It provides students with a unique and STEM focused high school education.

The fact that the school draws from such a large area allows for a much more diverse student body. Most students are very focused on their academics, providing their peers with a great learning environment.

The students are friendly, intelligent, active, and together create a supportive learning environment. The small size and the various clubs help students meet a lot of people from all grades, which can help students learn a lot.

The academics at this school are very diverse. They offer many courses in all different types of fields such as engineering, computer science, journalism, yearbook, psychology, and anatomy. Students learn in various ways. It varies from group presentations to teacher presentations.

The teachers at CAMS, overall, are very well-versed in their areas of study and are able to teach them effectively. What is unique to CAMS teachers is their teaching style – they work very hard to incorporate the standards of Common Core and are very good at a ‘linked learning’ and interdisciplinary style that encourages students to apply skills learned outside of their subject matter.

They encourage critical thinking and problem solving that are realistic and more valuable skills needed in the real world: beyond memorization and regurgitation.

CAMS is very diverse when it comes to clubs and the club availability. Many CAMS clubs and organizations meet after school. They are run by elected students with teacher supervision. Most club members are highly dedicated, and one can easily see that board members are especially devoted.

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