20 Best Public High Schools in Maryland 2017

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In the sea of high schools in every state, for example, like the raleigh, nc private high schools, there are schools that are just better than others. Is that because of the academics in the schools, or because of the teachers, or simply because of the students that go there? The answer is never simple and usually, it is the combination of those things.

You might still be thinking about whether or not to send you child to a private school (like the private schools in houston), but maybe you’re thinking that a public school will be just as good. Regardless of which school you choose, some things will remain the same. At most schools around America, they have recently been trying to make the sites more secure and safe for the students. One of the most recent methods is the introduction of school ID cards that have to be worn by all people on the school site. This helps students be identified, meaning that anyone without one of these cards shouldn’t be in the building. These sorts of measures are designed to prevent issues like school shootings. For any schools that haven’t already got these cards, they can find out more about them online. Hopefully, more schools will introduce this to make the site feel safer. When choosing a school, it’s so important that the site is safe and secure.

If you’re a Christian living in the Perth area, my friend says that Kingsway Christian College is such a fantastic school. She sent all of her children there and they always love it. Should would call it the Best Christian school Perth and could not recommend it more. But I digress.

Find out if your school is one of the best high schools in the state of Maryland.

20. Eleanor Roosevelt High School, Greenbelt, MD

Roosevelt (Rose) is an all-around great school. The teachers are persistent towards student success. The student body is overall accepting and diverse. Roosevelt offers a wide variety of advanced courses and AP classes. There are also many after school activities to choose from.

There is a wide range of courses to select from including many advanced science courses. There are different programs students can become apart of including the science and technology program as well as the business program.

The science and tech program gives students the exposure they need if they are interested in pursuing a career in STEM. They also encourage students to apply for different internships for your senior year.

The extracurricular in this school is very productive. Each club has a different requirement. The purpose is to look for a high-quality student, so each club might have totality for the activity in the club. For example, the minimum GPA to join a football club is 2.5 which reflects how good the student is.

Besides extracurricular, Eleanor Roosevelt High School also has after-school activities such as tutoring, SAT course and a night school for adult people which all of them are so useful.

There are several sports that let both male and female students to participate. There’s soccer, lacrosse, cross country, track, baseball/softball that let male and female students participate. The equipment that is used is in excellent condition because of all the fundraising that occur throughout the season of that sport.