20 Best Public High Schools in Texas 2017

Best Public High Schools in Texas 2017
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19. Lake Travis High School, Austin, TX

Lake Travis High School has a beautiful campus and it is located in a safe community. The staff truly cares about the students and helps them succeed. They have great resources for the students to use and a fun environment.

At Lake Travis High School, one is exposed to many points of view and many different ideas. Lake Travis High School is a school that is very proud of its students’ accomplishments. LTHS provides a wide variety of course that allows the student to decide what to prepare themselves for.

There are many AP classes offered where kids have many opportunities to gain college credit. The counselors try to make scheduling fit the student well with what they want. Scheduling process can be a little weird for seniors with a bunch of double-blocked classes. Workload varies based on a level of class.

The teachers at Lake Travis High School set very high standard for their students. They are very passionate about their job and will do anything to help students succeed. The teachers form great bonds with the students and are very understanding of extracurriculars.

At Lake Travis High School, the faculty focuses on ensuring each and every student feels important. Each student finds their sanctuary and a teacher to rely on. From a club about students favorite television show, to disc golf even to student council, the high school covers it all and there is a perfect space for everyone.

LT offers lots of sports, all of which have great spirit. The football scene at LT is the most well known, although some of the smaller sports are the ones to really watch for. Lake Travis High School accounts with outstanding athletic facilities that make students have the best experience while training or competing.

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