20 Best Public High Schools in Texas 2017

Best Public High Schools in Texas 2017
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18. Memorial High School, Houston, TX

Memorial High School is highly competitive with a wide choice of extra curriculum activities and clubs. With rigorous course work and a diverse pool of peers, it teaches its students to work hard and how to get along with everyone.

The staff at Memorial encourages stepping out of your comfort zone and pushes students to perform their best in class, athletics, and other extracurricular activities.

Overall it is a large school with a fun and friendly environment. MHS prepares you well for college and beyond.

The competitiveness, although harsh, is driving for a lot of students to work harder. There is a variety of courses available at Memorial High School. The curriculum includes AP and pre-AP classes as well as Dual Credit.

Memorial is a very strong school academically and has some of the best teachers in Houston. Although it is a large public high school, teachers really try to have a personal relationship with their students in order to benefit them most.

Memorial provides a wide variety of extracurricular activities. The clubs are mostly student-led, which allows the students to experience different things (collecting money, leading meeting, etc). There is everything from an ultra-conservative Republican Club to the Gay/Straight alliance.

There are also many miscellaneous clubs such as the American Sign Language Club, Yo-yo club, the Korean Club, and the Anime Club.

The sports teams are very nicely organized and ran by coaches and students. There are many options for students to choose from. Students are pretty athletic, and some are even involved in multiple sports, taking advantage of the nice equipment from different areas. Football is the main sport, and receives most of the attention.

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