20 Best Colleges in Texas

20 Best Colleges in Texas
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As everyone knows, Texas is a very big state. Thousands of students choose to attend college in Texas every year. The Lone Star State ranks near the top of the list in terms of the number of colleges and universities and the number of students enrolled.

There are many good reasons to choose to go to school in Texas. Students enjoy the mild winters and warm springs as well as the diversity of landscapes and people the state has to offer. In addition to being national leader in business, technology, agriculture, aerospace, and biomedicine, Texas also has the advantage of being one of the safest and most affordable states to live in.

Here are the 20 best colleges in Texas that provide excellent education and quality of living.

20. Texas Wesleyan University, Fort Worth, TX

Founded: 1890
Undergrads: 1,233
Tuition: $22,040
Acceptance Rate: 30 %

Texas Wesleyan University is a small Liberal Arts School with good Pre-Med, Pre-Dental, Pre-Theology, and Pre-Law. They are also considered one of the best universities in the area for Education and Theater Arts.

This school is great when it comes to it’s professors having one on one learning time with it’s students. Texas Wesleyan University is a small private university so that means smaller classes and more time with professors.

They offer internships, study abroad, and transferring between campuses. The great thing about this school is they want studets to succeed, and will stop at nothing as long as students are willing.

Campus Life – There’s not much to do on campus at night or on the weekends, most people either travel back home or stay of campus with friends on the weekends. The dorm selection isn’t the best, because there are nice dorms/apartments and then there’s the old run down dorms.

The campus is small so the dorms aren’t far from any part of the campus and the price is about average compared to most campuses.

Greek life is really active on campus. Being a part of a sorority or fraternity could make students time at Texas Wesleyan more enjoyable. The fraternities host parties and everyone gets invited so its not really exclusive.

Varsity sports at Texas Wesleyan are kind of a big deal. There is always some kind of student involvement at all events, the teams do very well, school haa fans who do support but the spirit of the school isn’t there all the time, it fades away. Overall the coaches are great and even our trainers are wonderful and help anyone in need. If you want your child to grow up to be an athlete this would be a great choice. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to place a bet on their performance on a site like 토토사이트