20 Best Colleges in Texas

20 Best Colleges in Texas
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19. University of Texas – Dallas, Richardson, TX

Founded: 1969
Undergrads: 9,506
Tuition (in-state): $26,038 ($10,864)
Acceptance Rate: 59 %

Anyone who knows something about the school will probably tell you that UT Dallas is quite “nerdy.” For the most part, the University lives up to this reputation by providing a good quality education. While the workload barely gets way out of control, students need to take studying seriously to earn good grades, and most do.

While the academics can provide good challenges, they lean more toward vocational and researching purposes rather than a liberal arts education. Therefore, if you come here expecting many rhetoric discussions of poetry and history, or enlightening lectures by extremely articulate professors, you may be disappointed.

On the other hand, students with a clearer sense of what to do and where to improve can get invaluable lessons for their future career path.

On-campus housing is of great quality. Dorms and apartments are new, the freshman ones are brand-new, so they all feel clean and fresh, at least when students first move in. Each residential area has its own study lounge, entertainment lobby or clubhouse, and sports courts for students to hang out and socialize.

Privacy and spaciousness arguably constitute the best part of dorm life. Students can choose the shared bedroom option, but private bedrooms with locks and keys are the norm, and student will only share his bathroom with another guy/girl.

Greek life around UTD is a bit active. Usually, a sorority or fraternity is around campus, sometimes just there to play music for everyone relaxing and enjoying the weather and modern architecture of UTD buildings. Also, there are sometimes games or socials around campus that gets the campus active in several activities.

The UTD athletics, whether regarding intramural or actual varsity sports, the school spirit and activity of sports on campus is pretty known and looked upon. A lot of people participate in the IM sports and the sports events that go on on campus. There are definitely sports that are very enjoyable on campus, and the support is great.

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