Best USA Cities For Liberals

Best USA Cities For Centrists
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What makes a great city for a conservative or liberal, or moderate for that matter?

Clearly the political landscape is important. Do the people around you share your beliefs and values? Are your elected officials in Washington D.C. representing your interests? Or is your town full of hippie liberals trying to raise your taxes and force you to do yoga and build bike lanes?

Being a great place to live is about more than just politics. Do people around you also take part in the kinds of activities, watch the same shows, shop at the same stores and have similar interests to you? What are those goods and services, and how do they differ from party to party? While you can get a MMJ card in Virginia Beach, can you do the same in other liberal areas? What are the penalties for cannabis possession? Do these involve owning products for partaking of the substance without anything else? Could you get in trouble for knowing how to make a bong or other such information?

To make our list a little more geographically balanced, we took the most-skewed city in each state until we had our Top 10. Democrats should feel right at home in these liberal cities.

10. Newport, RI


  • Obama won 59.5% of the vote here in 2012.
  • U.S. Representative: David Cicilline, Democrat.
  • Democrats hold office in nearly all branches of government in Newport.

Newport is located in Newport County in Rhode Island. President John F. Kennedy made Newport the site of his “summer white house” while in office. Much like the state of Rhode Island, most Newport residents lean towards the left of the political spectrum.

The last time a Republican presidential candidate won the vote here was 1984. Among state legislators, Democrats outnumber Republicans by a margin of 101 to 11.

Congressman David Cicilline represents Rhode Island’s 1st Congressional District, which includes Newport. Cicilline is considered a rank-and-file Democrat according to GovTrack.

He won office in 2010, campaigning on promises to put Rhode Islanders back to work and protect social service programs for seniors and families. He’s supported efforts to help manufacturers retool their factories and retain workers to keep production of goods in this country.

Cicilline has fought attempts to weaken Medicare and strongly supported the end to having troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Residents here are likely to …

  • Drive a Subaru.
  • Shop at American Eagel Outfitters.
  • Watch Two and a Half Men.
  • Read Time magazine.