Best USA Cities For Liberals

Best USA Cities For Centrists
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9. Alexandria, VA


  • Obama won 69% of the vote here in 2012.
  • U.S. Representative: James Moran, Jr., Democrat.
  • Moran is a founding member of the LGBT Equality Caucus.

Alexandria is located in Alexandria County in Virginia. Largely populated by professionals who work for the federal government, military or government contractors, Alexandria like other D.C. suburbs, contains a diverse group of highly educated residents.

Every member of Alexandria’s city council, including four-term Mayor William Euille, is a Democrat. City leaders strongly support environmental protection and sustainability.

Representing the 8th Congressional District of Virginia, which includes Alexandria, is Jim Moran, Jr. GovTrack calls Moran a far left Democrat. A 12-term congressman, Moran was a supporter of the Affordable Care Act and has lead initiatives for stronger environmental protections, fair and open trade, and women’s issues.

He is a cofounder of the New Democratic Coalition, a group of 50 House Democrats.

Residents here are likely to …

  • Drive a Subaru.
  • Eat at Qdoba.
  • Shop at REI.
  • Watch The Newsroom.
  • Read Time magazine.
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