Top 14 Small Cities In Virginia

Top 14 Small Cities In Virginia
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Agriculture has always been a key contributor to the Virginia economy, and today 33 percent of the land remains devoted to farming. Other key industries in Virginia are the military, government services and technology, with Virginia having the highest concentration of technology workers of any state.

Virginia’s small towns are treasure troves of great food, warm hospitality, immense history, and Southern charm. Antiquers and outdoor enthusiasts equally will be at home in these 14 destinations promising all of the above and more.

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14. Onancock

This charming little town is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. With a population of just 1,263, according to City Data, Onancock is a land of fun, local owned shops, art galleries and restaurants. Guests have their choice of accommodations from an upscale boutique hotel to a restored Victorian bed and breakfast, complete with swings on its wide porch.

According to the Town of Onancock website, Virginia has designated the entire town as a historic district that prides itself as pet friendly. The bay side village was once Port Scarburgh, founded in 1680. The county court was located in the town from 1680 until 1693. Today, the boat ramp and wharf are completely renovated, a lovely and useful compliment to the deep water harbor.

You can catch the ferry to Tangier from the town wharf. Tangier Island is a fishing village, isolated, protected from the modern day world. The residents speak with an American English accent that was common to the restoration period. It is like stepping back into history. You can stay at the few bed and breakfasts sprinkled about the island, but most people prefer to return to Onancock where the accommodations are plentiful.

You can also take a fishing charter, kayak trip or boat tour at the wharf. If boating and fishing aren’t your things, grab a meal at the popular Mallards Restaurant, formerly Hopkins Store. After eating, wander over to the Liar’s Bench and share your own fishing tall tales.

If you love history, particularly historical architecture, then Kerr Place should be your next stop. The Eastern Short Historical Society is housed there but it is also a museum with guided tours which highlight the home as well as its role in United States social and architectural history. The Town of Onancock website calls it “one of the finest examples of Federal architecture in the region.”

The shopping and restaurants in Onancock are touted by the Town of Onancock website as some of the best in the region. Shoppers can find original art and shop at a one of a kind garden center where they can get great deals on unique gifts. After all that shopping you can refresh yourself at one of the many restaurants.

Whether you are interested in fine dining or casual fare, you can find what you want within easy walking distance.