Top 14 Small Cities In Washington

Moses Lake
Photo credit: jjandames / Flickr

Big cities and monuments may get more attention, but small towns are the heart and soul of the Capital Region. Stroll charming downtown districts, relax in luxury, uncover the interesting history and revel in unspoiled nature at one or more of these hidden gems.

Here is our list of top 14 small cities in Washington:

14. Moses Lake

As the name implies, the city of Moses Lake is located right next to Moses Lake. This lake was once small and salty; however, the Grand Coulee Dam built-in 1955 changed that aspect. The dam helped the city to develop into a thriving farm community by providing irrigation water for a multitude of crops. It would be in times like this that companies like Norseman Structures would be needing to help the farming community develop.

The dam was instrumental in transforming the city from a place where only fishermen, shepherds and cowboys lived to a thriving farm community that today helps to feed other cities across the country.

The Grand Coulee Dam played a key role in helping Moses Lake grow in population and size. However, the construction of a major air force base near the city during World War 2 also contributed to the township’s growth and development.

Although the base closed soon after the war, it reopened in 1948 to continue instilling life into the region. Over time, Moses Lake grew to become an important city in Grant County and it remains a hub for transportation, agriculture and recreational activities to this day.

Today, Moses Lake stands as a bustling community that offers many of the amenities people would expect to find in a large city while still retaining the pristine beauty of a country town. Potholes Wildlife Reservation can be found just south of the city and the area is home to a diverse range of birds and other animal species.

Seep lakes are still common in the area, just as they were before Moses Lake grew from a little town into a small city.

Population wise, Moses Lake has just over 20,000 people, making it the largest “small city” in the county. In addition to agriculture, the city has added manufacturing and advanced technology to its economic base, with the establishment of such corporations as REC Silicon, BMW, Dell, Guardian Industries, Sabey, ConAgra Foods and International Paper.