Top 14 Small Cities In Washington

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4. Sequim

While most people outside of Washington have most likely not heard of this small town, it has, in fact, been rated by Sunset Magazine as one of the top 14 unsung beach tops in the country. The temperature remains pleasant year round and while the city gets plenty of rain, it does not get as much rainfall as other small cities in the state.

The name Sequim evolved from the Klallam language, a language that was once spoken by Native American Indians that lived in this region of the United States. The name is thought to mean “a place for going to shoot” and denotes the fact that the original inhabitants of the area made their living by hunting and fishing.

Sequim is a fascinating city not only because of its lovely architecture, small town feel and great natural beauty but also because it is home to some fascinating fossils. In fact, a dig at a nearby area yielded a Mastodon bone dating back many thousands of years.

When European settlers first started moving in to this area, they put a heavy emphasis on developing farms and farming communities. The area is ideal for this purpose and irrigation canals were soon built to allow the farming industry to expand.

However, things took a turn when the city became better known in the United States for its natural beauty and unique climate. As many thousands of people started to come to Sequim, farms decreased in size as the housing industry grew. Thankfully, the city has now found its natural balance and while there are plenty of homes there is also an abundance of farmland producing a wide variety of crops.

Sequim’s environment is quite conducive to the development of luxuriant forests comprised of Douglas fir trees, red cedars, black cottonwoods, big-leaf maples, red alders, lodge-pole pines and Garry oaks. The area’s unique climate also supports the cultivation of lavender on a commercial basis.

In fact, Sequim is often called the “Lavender Capital of North America”, second only to France in producing this product.

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