Top 15 Small Cities In California

Photo credit: Boyce Duprey / Flickr

8. Exeter

This small but enterprising city shows signs everywhere of its commitment to the natural world. Exeter is leading the way for the rest of the state and country when it comes to water preservation. The coastal city redistributes its residents’ water supply and promotes voluntary conservation efforts that make it easier, more affordable, and more environmentally friendly for the city to supply its firefighters and other essential departments with water.

According to the city’s official website, the natural beauty of this frontier land is its most lasting relic of the past. Like most of the towns on this list, it reflects California’s golden history and sets a welcoming tone for its future. Named after the original Exeter in England, the town was developed very late in the 19th century. Schools, cattle ranches, and neighborhoods replaced the wild antelope, deer, and elk that lived on this plain for thousands of years.

The Chamber of Commerce calls Exeter’s navel oranges the world’s “finest”, and the world doesn’t seem to disagree. The town’s major exports are among the sweetest anywhere, earning Exeter an unofficial status as the citrus capital of the whole world. Exeter’s parks and recreational areas take advantage of its scenic setting too. The Parks Department keeps them well-preserved, clean, and open to anyone in the community.

Popular activities in the park range from children’s birthday parties and little league baseball games, to outdoor concerts and classic movie screenings under the stars.

For proof that the scenery is hundreds of years old, visit the General Sherman Tree in Sequoia & Kings National Park. The world’s largest living tree isn’t the only record breaker in the federally protected land that shares Exeter’s borders. It also boasts the deepest canyon, and Mt. Whitney, with its 14,505 feet, the tallest mountain in the mainland United States.

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