Top 16 Small Cities in New York

Pearl River
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Many times, when people hear “New York,” their thoughts automatically drift to the Big Apple-tall buildings, crowded streets, Times Square, Broadway, Central Park-you know, New York, completely forgetting about the whole rest of the state.

If you think New York City is the top spot in New York, you clearly haven’t been to these places. Here are the actual best places in the Empire State.

16. Pearl River

An article in “The New York Times” dubbed Pearl River as a spot that wasn’t as trendy as its neighbors and a town great for families. The small community had 15,876 residents as of the 2010 census, and its population has remained fairly constant in the past several years. The town has a reputation for welcoming families into its neighborhoods although the real estate does reflect the higher household incomes that exist close to New York City. Those looking to move here, but who are concerned about the sale of their existing home, may find comfort in something like the Reali trade-in program which allows you to move into a new home before your old one sells. It removes a lot of the stress from the whole process of moving and could be especially useful for those who are moving into a higher-income area and might, at first, be unsure how soon they’ll be able to make the move. No matter where you are moving to, your new home will need to be protected inside and out. This is why looking at home warranties from companies such as First American is important for homebuyers to take into account, as they need to be assured they aren’t paying exorbitant amounts to fix their home.

Real estate website Trulia suggests the median sales price for Pearl River homes in early 2014 was $430,000, which isn’t out of line with the region.

The town of Orangetown in Rockland county counts Pearl River as a part of its overall metropolitan area, but this census-designated area certainly has a life of its own. Interestingly, there is no real consensus on how Pearl River’s name came to be as there are a few theories put forth on the Orangetown Historical Museum & Archives website.

The society suggests that a pair of Irish businessmen came to the area in the late 1600s and started building a small community. The arrival of the railroad in the latter half of the 19th century ensured growth of the area, and some hypothesize that the name of Pearl River came from the need for the town to sound welcoming.

In fact, Pearl River was dubbed “The Town of Friendly People” in the 1930s by a marketing team who wanted to encourage tourism. However, marketing teams wouldn’t need to try that hard to get people to like the area, given its pleasant populace and the nice weather.

The Weather Channel suggests that temperatures in the summer reach the mid-80s and that the winter brings temperatures close to the freezing point. Definitely a nice spread of different seasons, but not a frigid or incredibly warm area.