Top 16 Small Cities In Pennsylvania

Willow GrovePhoto credit: Montgomery County Planning Commission / Flickr

11. Willow Grove

This is a town so small that it does not even have a city website. This is virtually unheard of in this day and age. According to City-Data website, the population in 2010 was 15,726.

The interesting thing about this is that even though the city does not have a website, the biggest attraction in the town is the mall, which does have its own website. The mall itself is impressive and quite large with a beautiful carousel that sits in the middle of the mall.

This is a very traditional town where 53% of the households are married couples and only 10% are single mothers with no husband or male figure in their homes.

The only real downside to this town is that there have been a total of 17 disasters in this city, 14 of which have been declared presidential disasters. This covers the full range of floods, hurricanes, tropical storms, snow storms, mud slides and much more.

According to Wikipedia, the “history spans nearly three centuries. Following a land grant established by William Penn, known as the Manor of Moreland, the first home was built in 1719. The colonial farmstead slowly grew into a small rural community. By the mid-19th century, Willow Grove served as a summer vacation retreat for Philadelphia residents.

Dr. Nicholas More, an English friend and business associate of William Penn, was granted 9,815 acres of land at an annual rent of a silver shilling for every 100 acres. Originally known as “The Manor of Moreland”, it became the Township of Moreland in 1718.

The name officially became Willow Grove about 1792 when it appeared on a map of Pennsylvania townships. The planting of willow trees to absorb the surrounding swampland strengthened the decision to give Willow Grove its name.”

There are several notable people that are from this small town. One is the current vice president of the US, Joe Biden. The US Senator Stewart Greenleaf also hails from this town. Edwin Hallowell, a Democrat and member of the House of Representatives is also from this town.

The first woman to be president of the NAACP, Enolia McMillan, was born in this town. While there may not be a million things to do in this town as there are in larger cities, it is a place of community with plenty of history.

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