Top 16 Small Cities In Pennsylvania

 Drexel HillPhoto credit: davidwilson1949 / Flickr

8. Drexel Hill

Located in Upper Darby, about 9 miles northeast of Philadelphia, you will find Drexel Hill. As the name implies this is a town where you can see the rolling hills and plenty of wide open country with plenty of trees. In 2010 the population of this town was 28,043.

The nice thing about this town is that there is a low high school dropout rate. When looking at residents who are at least 25, you realize that 92.5% of them have finished high school. Of these residents, 37.4% even hold at least a bachelor’s degree.

This is also a very safe town. While there are some registered sex offenders in this town, 21 to be exact, there is actually only 1 per 1,406 people in the town. Actually, only one area where safety is regarded as a concern in this town is in regards to the weather. There are more than average tornados and earthquakes in this city.

There have also been 14 natural disasters, which is more than the national average of 12. A very good thing about this though is that there is a hospital in the town, Delaware County Memorial Hospital. This is much better than some of the other small towns that do not have a hospital as you do not want to go far when you need emergency medical services.

It is also very close to Philadelphia. This makes enjoying the life of the big city easy, while still getting to enjoy the comfort and safety of the small city.

This can give you the ability to enjoy the best of both worlds. Philadelphia is known for having some of the best restaurants, especially if you are looking for fine dining. While you may not find the diversity of entertainment or eating options in this town, Philadelphia is just a short drive away.

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