Top 20 Most Popular Baby Names in the USA for 2016

Arabella Liam

What’s fun, new, and fresh-sounding in the world of baby names this year? See the top 20 baby names in the US. From the most popular baby boy names to trendy baby girl names, find inspiration for the perfect names for babies.

20. Arabella (Girl)

Meaning of Arabella: “yielding to prayer”

Origin of Arabella: Latin

Arabella, lovely and elegant, has long been well used in Britain and finally made it onto the America; it is now in the Top 20, as more and more parents see it as a distinctive alternative to the mega-popular Isabella. Its meaning may also be interpreted as “beautiful,” thanks to -bella.

Arabella has been a great favorite in English novels, dating as far back as Samuel Richardson’s Clarissa and Henry Fielding’s Tom Jones, and also appeared in The Vicar of Wakefield, Dickens’s Pickwick Papers, George Eliot’s Felix Holt and Thomas Hardy’s Jude the Obscure, and more recently in Harry Potter.

Arabella is the title of a lyric comic opera by Richard Strauss, and was chosen for their daughters by Ivanka Trump and Dr. Oz.

Arabella is a recommended, sophisticated choice.

20. Liam (Boy)

Meaning of Liam: “resolute protection”

Origin of Liam: Irish short form of William

Liam began as a short form of William, but has long stood on its own. It is now the fastest-rising Irish names in the US.

Irish-born actor Liam Neeson was instrumental in driving Liam up the charts, as was, to a lesser degree, former Oasis member Liam (born William) Gallagher, and, more recently, One Direction member Liam Payne. Celebrities who have chosen Liam for their sons include Tori Spelling, Calista Flockhart, Rod Stewart, Kevin Costner and Craig Ferguson.

Internationally, Liam is enjoying great popularity not only in the U.S. and Ireland, but in Sweden.

Jaunty and richly textured, Liam could conceivably go all the way to the top.