Top 20 Small Cities In Indiana

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19. Whiteland

Whiteland is a town in Pleasant and Franklin townships, Johnson County, Indiana, United States. The population was 4,169 at the 2010 census.

It was incorporated on May 3, 1886. However, the town was starting to blossom as early as 1858, when three businesses formed the center of Whiteland. When the first plat was laid out, it consisted of 40 lots. Today, Whiteland consisted of approximately 1,600 lots.

A frequently asked question is why are Whiteland and New Whiteland separate towns? Historically, Whiteland was established along the railroad in the 1850s. A small group of houses and businesses informally known as West Whiteland developed at the intersection of Whiteland Road and the Madison state road (now US 31), about a half mile west of Whiteland proper. By the time of the electric interurban railroad being built parallel to the highway in 1900, Whiteland had begun to slowly grow to the west as well.

The climate in this area is characterized by hot and humid summers and generally mild to cool winters. According to the Köppen Climate Classification system, Whiteland has a humid subtropical climate, abbreviated “Cfa” on climate maps

In 1965, Clark High School and Whiteland High School united to form Clark-Pleasant Community School Corporation, and Whiteland High School became Whiteland Community High School. The old Clark High School then became Clark Elementary School.

Additional schools were built to accommodate the growing student population of the 1950s-70s: Break-O-Day Elementary School (1960), Clark-Pleasant Middle School (1970), and Whiteland Elementary School (1976). More recently, Clark-Pleasant Intermediate School was added to the district in 2004, and Pleasant Crossing Elementary School is the newest, finished in the winter of 2007.

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